Bouncing Ball

Yay created my first Animated Bouncing Ball using Maya, just as well Steve downloaded the tutorial as it helped me jog my memory from last Tuesday, I tried to texture the image ground, wanted a wooden floor effect but looked unrealistic so I just submitted a simpler version. Overall quite happy plus I feel I am getting to grips with the Graph editor and Dope sheet.


Organic Modeling (Maya)

Below images from the second project in which we had to model an organic character, although at first proved a bit tricky, I soon got the hang of it. I had no problems with joining the arms and legs to the torso, but got frustrated with modeling the helmet, putting that down to Steve who never showed us that!!. Overall I felt the project had some success with the exceptions of a few minor issues that I will keep an eye on next time when modeling my Super Hero later this year.

Temple Project using Maya

Below is an image of my first attempt at modeling using primitives in Maya 2011, on reflection and viewing other student’s work I feel I could have done more with the universal manipulator tool, but overall I am quite happy with my first attempt.