Soviet Toys, 1924

Soviet Toys was the first Soviet animated film, which is created using primitive line drawings. Soviet Toys was created not long after the Russian Revolution of 1917, in which by 1924 the Communist Soviet Union had now established it’s New Economic Policy, which leads me onto the main Character in the film ‘The NEPman’ and is portrayed much in a stereotypical way as a Evil Capitalist and is characterised as a greedy, overweight, bald man. The film starts of with the NEPman feasting on too much food and drink.

NEPman is seen as an Evil Capitalist, with stereotypical charactristics, greedy, overweight, bald man

The NEPman is then seen to roll around uncontrollably on the floor before regurgitating the word ‘Woman’ where suddenly a falling leaf manifests into a women, much to the enjoyment of the NEPman he proceeds to shower the women with gifts as to suggest to buy her affection, which she openly accepts by jumping into the NEPman’s stomach.

The film introduces a new character a ‘Worker’ who sees the NEPman and tries to extract taxes from him by pushing his foot onto the stomach of the NEPman, but unable to extract enough money, is now seen talking to a Peasant accompanied by the words on screen “Lets try together”.

The Worker and the Peasant now united as one and much stronger easily extracts more money from the NEPman, and shows the money going into the People’s Bank (the State). The final scene shows the Red Army hanging Soviet Toys on the Christmas Trees, The Capitalist, the Priests and the bourgeois women.

The imagery and the words, the film to me is suggesting that you can achieve more by joining with your fellow workers, further supporting the Communist ideology, and finally the Communist had found a use for the greedy Capitalist by using them as Toys to decorated the Christmas Tree.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas


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