The Shareholder 1963

The Shareholder is another Russian propaganda film directly attacking the American way of life through a series of illustrations that resembles images from a comic book. The story is narrated and talks about the benefits of Capitalism was only available to the rich.

it shows three generations of the chase family working for Pearson’s a co operation that makes everything from kitchens to Nuclear Weapons. The film focus on Micheal Chase, who unlike his Father, not only works for the Pearson’s but is also a Shareholder, the film them goes onto display Micheal Chases luxurious lifestyle by showing he has a lovely home, a car, a full refrigerator and a beautiful wife. It then goes onto say that everything is bought on credit.

One night there is strike at the Pearson Factory, and is then shown Pearson visiting a factory that makes robots, he then decides to replace all the workers from the factory and replace them with robots.

Micheal Chase is then seen to lose his job and asks how can he pay for all his belongings as everything was bought on credit, as he searches the country for work to no avail, he finally ends up in bar and ordering a drink, when he tries to pay for the drink with his one and only Company Share he is punched by the bar man.


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