Interplanetary Revolution (1924)

Interplanetary Revolution 1924, produced by N Khodataev, Z Komissarenko and Y Merkulov, is a Russian propaganda film short that uses collage and was made to promote communism. The film begins with an image of peasants hands reaching out for help in the form of a Soviet Star, a symbol for Russian Communist Party.

Russian Peasant workers reaching for the symbol of the Soviet union

The short then turns it’s attention to the greedy Capitalists sucking blood from what looks like a peasant workers body, draining him of all life until nothing is left, while the greedy Capitalist are seen to grow larger and fatter. Then as the Russian Revolution looms the Capitalist are shown to try to escape by what looks like a larger shoe before flying to Mars, quickly pursued by Communists.

Showing an Evil Capitalist holding a knife, branded by a Swastika on his forehead.

The Russians follow the Greedy capitalist to Mars.

As the Capitalists arrive at Mars they find out that the Communists are already there and are then seen to be destroyed in what looks like a futuristic laser fight.

The Communist and the Greedy Capitalists fight in a deadly futuristic laser fight

I feel this short was not only just a warning to the greedy Capitalist that their is no hiding place from the Communist Party, but was aimed at sending a message to peasant workers about what they feel is the evil corruption that supports Capitalism.


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