Jan Svankmajer Dimensions of Dialogue (1982)

Dimensions of Dialogue (1982)
Svankmajer’s (Dimensions of Dialogue, 1982) is one of his most successful short films, and shows a more serious side to svankmajer, the imagery is very shocking through scenes of cannibalism and vomiting and violence. Dimensions of Dialogue consists of three dialogues part one factual dialogue, part two passionate dialogue and finally part three exhausting dialogue.

Part one (factual dialogue)
Which shows a head made out of vegetables very similar to artist Arcimboldo heads see (image ), (Dimensions of Dialogue, 1982) tells the story of a head made out of vegetables moves across the landscape until it meets another head, constructed of kitchen objects (image ). The two attack each other, until one has been eaten by the other (image ), the winning head then vomits up the loser (image ), who takes on a form which is a rough hybrid of the two (image ). This goes on until both heads are identical bald human heads which then vomit multiple replicas of themselves (image ).

Part two (passionate dialogue)
The second dialogue in (Dimensions of Dialogue, 1982) tells a most common love story or a intimate encounter which turns horribly wrong. The animation begins with two full size clay figures, male and female, sitting opposite each other with a table between them (image ), they then reach over and begin to hold hands and then finally kiss see (image ) and soon develops into a passionate sexual act with both clay figures melting into each other giving you the feeling that this is of a sexual nature without intimate details (image ). After the sexual act both clay figures regain their original form at their respective side of the table, but they discover a small blob of clay in the middle of the table, what seems to be a baby, this blob of clay is seen to be rejected by both male and female figures (Image ), making you think this might be an unplanned baby? This eventually turns into a fight with both figures ripping each others face off in gruesome violent act (Image ).

Part three (exhausting dialogue)
The third dialogue in (Dimensions of Dialogue, 1982) shows two heads confronting each other (Image) but instead of speech the dialogue is shown through everyday objects see (Image), which at first the starts off peacefully by two objects that normally compliments the other seen in (Image), the toothbrush and toothpaste and the pencil and pencil sharpener, the other two natural pairs are a loaf of bread, butter knife, shoe and shoelace. The two heads then swap side’s seen in (Image) the next confrontation the dialogue is seen to start to collapse, this is shown through the non conforming images of the toothpaste being squeezed onto the loaf of bread as an indication they are started to disagree with each other seen in (Image). The following gestures start to become more bizzare and violet with toothbrush being sharpened by the pencil sharpener seen in (Image), and the pencil sharpeners attempting to sharpen each other (image ), the violet confrontation between the two heads end up with their tongues entering the confrontation, and the heads finally collapse in a mash of clay seen in (Image).


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