J. Stuart Blackton

J. Stuart Blackton Producer and Animator, born in England before emigrating to the US at the age of 10, worked as a Cartoonist for the New York Times, and was one of the first Animators to use the technique of Stop-Motion “Blacton’s 1906 film Humorous phases of funny faces is often cited as the first animated cartoon” Beck, J (Nov 2004) Animation Art. Collins Design.

Blackton’s Humorous phases of funny faces, used the technique of Stop-Motion and features an artist hand drawing faces of a man and a women using chalk on a blackboard, and shows the two faces interacting with each other before the man blows smoke from his cigar into the woman’s face. I feel at the time this must have been a milestone in the terms Animation, showing chalk drawings coming to life through the illusion of stop-motion. We must remember this was something totally new and would have been very exciting at the time.


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